Why should I start a blog for my business ?

Blog is a very important tool for a business to engage with their customers and refresh their brand name.

Why should I start a blog for my Business ?

  1. Blog is simple to manage just login and copy paste text from MS work and on hitting publish its visible on the top of the page. Its that simple.
  2. It servers as a easy to connect platform for your customer to get engaged in timely relevant information from your company. If you leave the comments ON you customers can interact with you.
  3. Your website must already be rigidly designed so no place for adding more contents on a regular basis nor you might not have a web designer in-house. But blog does it effortlessly and in a somewhat informal way.
  4. Search engines love blogs. Google loves WordPress. You start a WordPress blog and in no time google will list it and even rank it. Its because blogs are content centric and rigid websites are graphics centric.
  5. An article stated websites with blogs attract 60% more customers and there is truth to it based on our own experience. The customer sees a friendlier side of the company through the blog so easy for human connect
  6. Blog is the cannon fodder of your online visibility. Good contents will get social bookmarks and in no time will shoot your site higher inĀ  popularity on social media.
  7. Our recommendation is you write not about yourself boasting how well you did the job but write how you were able to solve a clients problem. It helps for prospective clients to connect with the situation and you getting the next order.
  8. Promote yourself as a subject expert. This is different from point 7 because you also need to boasting about yours but tread a thin line between polite and arrogance.
  9. People don’t like boring blogs of companies. Next time there is a birthday party in office don’t just post it on Facebook but also post some pics on your blog. Giving a human side to a business is very important.
  10. Use SkyWeb platform for your clients to interact with you in Public that way you get comments, reviews and feedback in a subtle manner without in your face kind of a thing.
  11. Use it to put across new worthy things in your industry even awards and accolades your company has won or your principle vendors have won to give you blog more authority. Even here awards addition to website are not easy but to a blog its instant.
  12. Writing a blog saves you BIG BUCKS !!!… want to know how ??? you save on paying to a shabby content writer and and SEO export. because you blogging frequently about your business automatically promotes you as a content marketer for your company.
  13. Frequent and meaningful and focused blogging created free PR for your business where people start quoting your blog posts in linkedin and other business linked media networks. It also helps to establish the business owner as a brand. Good bloggers are often called to give lectures on their domain topic often. Great way to promote your business absolutely free.
  14. Stay ahead of the curve. The more you blog the more you will do research on the topic of your business interest and make people follow you from your business to understand current trends and making you a authority on the subject.
  15. Blog is your long term marketing asset. If you write contents which is ever green means relevant even 5 years from now. People will read it 5 years from now and you get new followers each day even if content was written a longtime back. So when you write always remember this important point.
  16. Use Google Analytics to find what people are watching on your blog. You might soon discover a trend which you could further exploit it for your business before your competitors realise it.

First start with checking if the domain name available