Is Shared Hosting a Good Choice for your business startup ?

Is Shared Hosting a Good Choice for your business startup?

Online shopping is replacing traditional shopping very fast so are the traditional brochures which we used to find in trade shows and postal mailers with online websites giving wider reach for their brands at fraction of the costs.

This is better because there is no printing cost and the website can be altered to adapt to the changing business environment which is the previous setup would have to throw away all the obsolete brochures in the dustbin.

Once your decide your business presence to be online you need to take decisions like good domain name and the right web hosting plan and a set of knowledgeable people to do it. Here you can check good domain availability and suggestions.

Already constricted over whelming offers for dedicated servers and VPS and Cloud servers where vendors stress “SME’s all go only for them, so should you”. But then the budget is going off the roof and you don’t want to put in that kind of money at the very start.

A shared hosting plan is something which will fit in your budget which is just Rs. 200 per month.

Ok So whats Shared Hosting ?

Its a server; like a large pizza and every one is enjoying his share based on the size and amount you pay for it without owning or renting the server hardware at a fraction of the VPS server cost.

Technically its a server with resources shared amongst the contributing customers. Each customer has a set of resources allocated to him for webspace, bandwidth and CPU resources while the server is owned and operated by the web hosting company.

So why shared hosting is a good option for a Startup entrepreneur ?or
why one should chose for their online presence when everyone is talking about expensive cloud solutions?

Here are some questions and have tried to answer them one at a time.

1) Highly Cost effective.
While starting a new business or going online the company has limited set of funds allocated and the finance team stresses on ROI ( return on investments) and even after 2 decades still doubt the price being paid for it.
Everyone promoted a Cloud or a VPS but that’s too expensive to start. PlusĀ  server management cost which drives the prices higher up and no visitors initially its wastage of resources

On the contrary a shard hosting server is shared by number of customers so its like OLA shared Cab where instead of Rs. 9/km you pay just 2/km in shared ride.

2)No need of technical expertise.
A startup has to get its product and services rolling. Its high strain on resources initially to hire a server admin and pay him a hefty salary. So shared hosting here is better because the server is managed fully by the web hosting company so any technical help. Open a support ticket and in few hours you have help… its that simple.

3. Easy Management
The resources on a linux shared hosting server are used by multiple users and it doesn’t mean there are many restrictions.

Whether a shared server or a VPS you use the same control panel and most of the things in it are exactly the same !!!

Like a VPS you can manage all the allocated resources like File manager, Auto installers, email accounts, server statistics and security features.

So where does the difference lie ?

Its when there are some very special customised PHP modules required to run an independent complicated service which a shared hosting service provider wouldn’t allow. Or if there are large number of hits and you reach the ceiling of “Fair Use Policy) where your site uses too much resources alone causing issues for other websites on the server.

4. Scalability
This is one of the fantastic benefits of a shared hosting service where you can start very small under Rs.100 per month and upgrade to higher plans upto Rs.700 per month where in switching you get more resources get added like additional domains, additional email accounts, additional web space and additional bandwidth to scale up.
It also gives you the benefit of seamlessly downgrading where you can reduce the resources allocated and save money.

The choice if as shared hosting server depends on your website requirements whether its windows or linux environment and you need to dedicate a smaller portion of your startup budget to it so your marketing plans don’t get pinched and your web hosting plan can grow as your business grows till you decide to move to a Cloud server