How your hosting company can affect your SEO efforts.

How your hosting company can affect your SEO efforts.

Strangely but true your hosting company affects a lot on your rankings. Its not that choosing a premium one can boost your ranking its the other way around. As choosing the wrong one can ruins it… LOL

So think again of the cheap hosting companies offering you cheap deals or even free hosting.

Now let me explain how.

  1. Google algorithm keeps changing and there is a multi million dollar business in guessing whats coming next. So all parameters are vital even ones previously not heard about. So don’t take thinks lightly.
  2. Good neighbourhood. If your IP is the same as some gambling sites or adult entertainment sites or fraud make rich quick sites then your ranking gets affected.
  3. Good ratio of sites : A shared hosting server can host thousands of websites but companies which overload them by hosting unlimited packages where few customers gobble up all the bandwidth and rest keep gasping for Air is a bad idea. You can check the site performance by pinging your domain name to find latency. Google crawler hates overloaded servers.
  4. Fast loading websites. Does your hosting company offer cloud-flare and page accelerator applications. If not switch over.
  5. Server security : With cheap hosting comes cheaper server admins. If your site gets affected by malware or hacking your ranking can tumble down. So it pays to pay more for a premium service.
  6. Multiple affected sites on the same server. Is when the server admin is not able to handle the load or doesn’t have the caliber to manage his work in which case IP address of server gets blacklisted and even if your site is not affected you get penalised.

I am not drawing a conclusion like many others that you need to buy a dedicated or a VPS server. Its about 200 times more expensive and that’s what most hosting companies want to sell to you.

A shared hosting company is still good but don’t got for the cheapest one and easily can find their track record.