How to earn income from website traffic to blog ?

How to earn income from website traffic to blog ?

Hope you have read the previous article 5 things you need to do before you generate income from your website or blog

Now lets assume few things… you are getting steady flow of visitors to your website / blog and reading things. Now you want to monitise that and make money by selling things to them. BUT WHAT ARE THEY COMING FOR ?

This depends on what you write about !!!

If you write about pet events then its a temporary traffic which will dwindle away. If you write a blog on some every green topic which people keep searching over and over again. Even an article of how to change a diaper is an important one… Seriously….

So let assume you write on say insurance, investments, travel log, your opinion on current affairs. These are some of the sought after topics for which advertises pay a good amount.

So coming back to point suppose you have a sizeable traffic flow and now need to monitize it.

Here are few options.

1) Google Adsense : You need to sign-in here with your google account and apply. There will be a review of your website by a person and then authorized to accept advertisements.

There had been cases where teams of people in office used to visit a particular website and keep clicking on links to earn from their own site. LOL they were caught and their accounts FROZEN and all they earned even from their legitimate sites was fore-fitted. So don’t attempt it.

This is an Indian company which lets you places advertisements¬† of eCommerce companies on your blog / website in form of banners. They also have a clue words program where your keywords in your articles get monitized . But here again you need to have a theme like shopping with latest trends and deals to get the ball rolling. There are websites which make Rs.45000 a month just on cuelink network. So take them seriously. Again a smart company. Don’t try to cheat them.