I see my blog post copied by someone and posted on their site

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Somebody has copied my blog post including internal links…Now those internal links become backlinks from other website… please tell me what should I do..

Firstly congratulations that someone sees your contents worth copying so give a pat on your back,

Now find out the following 4 steps before you take any action

  1. Go through the entire site and see what is the intent of this person. If its to facilitate his visitors or down right pushing it as his own.
  2. What is the Domain Authority and Page Authority of that website.
    If its higher then congrats.
    If its same as yous then good,
    If less than yours then worry some
    If dismally lower than 10. Then immediate action.
  3. Does the article have a canonical tag ?
    is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page so the poster tells search engines its duplicate content.
  4. If point 3 is not covered them its time for some serious action.

If none of the above and feel its malafide intent …

a) Just ask them to remove the content and clearly specify that this content is belongs to you… If they don’t comply write to their web hosting company to pull down the contents.

b)If it happen often you can add a copyscape free batch on your blog so that people should think twice while copying your content..

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