DIY SEO. Take charge of you website.

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Just 1 month on working on our webhosting business website watching YouTube videos, reading free ebooks and implementing small small things. The Google traffic has jumped up by 500%.

Even our new business website has started showing up higher each day on search engine results.

Click through has gone up by modest 16% and conversation by 2%. So now know where to give additional focus.

Do keep coming to this blog to find how I did it with just 1 person me and no experience in SEO with basic knowledge about html. Rather friends with SEO experience ignored call for help even though I was willing to pay.

I will be listing each step to help our customers understand and replicate. From day one my staff has helped me document each step of the process so I don’t miss out while writing articles.

So no paying Rs.15000 per month for a socalled SEO expert and wait for 3 months for results after losing 45000.

If you can dare to get your hands dirty I can teach you how to do SEO for yourself for free. Be ready….

Merry Christmas.


Looking for a Cracked software?

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Don’t waste your time searching for a Cracked or nulled software. The days of year 2000 are long gone.

You might use keywords like download or get or even Warez but what will you get?

All listing are of seo companies. You click on download and you will be driven trough a maze of third party sites back to the official site forĀ  yor to buy the licensed software!!

Even torrents. Either they are banned in your country or garbage files or virus infected 100% of the time.

So after searching for over 1 hour you end up buying the official license and the seo made a handsome commission from you. LOL

AllĀ  top softwares have migrated to SaaS model (subscription based) so pirated softwares are 2014 versions not worth the use

If you think you were Lucky to get one after taking a VIP access… Your email id has already been shared to some shady characters.

Don’t use that app you just download!

It surely must be laced with a virus or encrypted backdoor for hackers and your isp may suspend your hosting account.

Why I wrote this article? I found a funny thing…

Arabs fight for blood in the middle east but online still help their comrades who speak their language.

The cracks and nulled scripts on Arabic websites are CLEAN. no virus, no added laced codes, no need for vip access, no need of subscription.

One catch though… You need to know Arabic….