How to get relevant back links to my website ?

How to get relevant back links to my website ?

So you are aware that your website needs relevant back links from other sites to get your sites listing higher on search engines.

Even I faced the same crunch when after on-page optimization started scratching my head for off-page optimization. Just was not getting the headway. Just couldn’t start. So read a lot of articles and youtube videos and came to know about a strategy.

Start with what your best competitors do….

So started exploring websites of my competitors and ones I never looked at before to check where they rank and get a pretty good idea on which websites to focus.

next stage was to find from which all places they are getting the 700 off back links while my website has just 16. I purposely didn’t chose the site with 5000 back links because that will be unmanageable.

For that the site is MOZ Open Site Explorer

In the free version you can try 4 queries per day so use it carefully.

I managed to get 6 pages of back links information. Just the URL while the paid one gives the link juice values which is of no use for a site with just 16 back links.

Next I added them in an excel spreed sheet. (the site provides export but I am working on zero budget). Not using the free 30 days trial because I will need that later and don’t want to waste that opportunity.

Next visited each website  which are giving major amount of links (more than 1). It turns many companies put their links at the bottom of their customers and footer links on their sister website so they get the back link but I cannot get in there so knocked them off from the list and focused on third party sites.

So I am left with some relevant URL’s which may accept my site name. Which includes industry articles guest comments, business directories and forums (which turned out to be a huge list)

Now I made of strategy of dividing my work few at a time from each kind.

The biggest challenge is forums which give back links. Once registered have to make genuine comments and only then the webmaster allows me in, So had to tread there carefully. Its exceptionally difficult because have to read other posts and write something intelligent which makes sense.

Same goes to blog comments which people used scrapebox in past but to make the webmaster to keep my comments and not bump it off as spam. I have to write a decent piece of comment which makes sense. “thank you its an informative post” no longer works.

The next step is writing my experiences in my own blogs. the process like this article which explains how I went about getting it done. This article is unique on the internet and with about 700 words makes sense for Google to index it well too.

Directory submission seems simple but need to work on the title and description and non repetitive keyword string for my website URL Learned that linking anchor text to URL’s should be spread across different keywords.

The back link process is the most painstaking one which requires patience and time to read what others have written and then react not my own blah.. blah… blah….

Does it work ? well not initially. For over a month there has been no movement in my site ranking and cannot find my guest comment or even forum profiles but slowly they started appearing sporadically and very slowly.

Hey my website ranking for a required keyword has jumped from 50 to 3 !!!

Just below to the competitors website whom I used for  target analysis and opened up avenues to target for other keywords even they are not focusing on used by another competitor.

So after spending a month on this A competitor will repeat the process for B competitor and the process will go on…