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Domain names are your brand identity and with countless extensions available the possibilities of getting the name of your choice are endless

So its time your register your domain name with us because we can offer you free experienced advice on your choice of the domain name which would be catch and easy to remember and not tongue twisting nor frustrating.

"I said dash... dash.. Its symbol dash... check the symbol dash next to zero on your keyboard. no.. no.. don't type zero you moron... type the dash next to it."

Many times the domain names are so common that within a day you forget it. Yes Lakhs spent on TV commercial down the drain.

So before you register on our website please call us and discuss the domain name. We can provide you hunders of choices of good Indian domain names from .com .in and even

check out domain good domain name we own. (this is a reserved word and not allowed to register)

remember if Indian domain name then its Skyweb. Check out hundreds of combinations.

If you are not sure then .com is by far the best choice followed by .in and most Indian companies don't touch other extensions.

Domain name checking tool

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Reasons you should buy domain name registration from us.

  1. No worry for domain names since the control panel is easy to use.
  2. Domain name is booked in your name so your ownership.
  3. Use your free will... no questions asked even if you want to sell it..
  4. Largest Indian Domain name registry so you have the flexibility to move the domain name to another service provider if you chose so without our permission.
  5. Full security : Security measures in place so your domain name cannot be hijacked.
  6. Full control over records : you can update your domain name ownership records as and when you need it yourself. No letter of authorization and no fees like network solutions.
  7. No hidden costs : there are registrars who charge Rs. 10,000 for 1 year domain name renewal (including Net4) the very next day the domain name expires. We charge at par for 45 days from expiry which is Rs. 706 for 1 year for .com domain names subject to change each month based on dollar exchange rate fluctuations..
  8. Lowest redemption charges : If the domain name expires and you don't renew it for next 45 days due to what so ever personal reason and then you need to renew it. We provide domain name redemption at same rate as the registrar while other companies charge Rs. 10000. 90% amount goes to the domain name registry and we are entitled to make a decent 10%.
  9. We can help you move all your domain names from all other domain name control panels into a single panel to make it easy for you to manage.
  10. If you chose to move your domain name to any other service provider we do not cause any problems to you. We have 80% return rate. domain names which have been moved to another service providers; have returned back to us because of our professional and unbiased service.
  11. Please bear in mind we don't sell cheap domain name registration below our cost price. There are companies selling domain names for Rs. 300 but during renewals or if the customer wants to move it. Its impossible to deal with these people who charge Rs. 1500 per year or Rs. 3000 to facilitate transfer or change of ownership of domain names to the customer's name.

  • We delegate full control of the domain name to you and you can verify the WHOIS Search
  • 2 email accounts of 100MB each with every domain name
  • Elaborate and easy control panel for your requirements.
    Prices subject to change due to volatile FOREX rates so the prices mentioned below are subject to change without prior notice

Domain Transfer

Please go through the process of you want to transfer the domain to skyweb

1) check domain status : Goto the Domain name checking tool above and type your domain name

If status is OK : the domain can be transfered
If the status is locked or client transfer prohibited : The domain can be transferred only after the lock is removed.

* Check the email address in admin contact :
If its your current email address : You can transfer the domain name
If its of your web designer or your de funk email address : You need to get it changed to your address before the transfer
If the email address is proxy by or privacyprotect then the feature needs to be disabled first so your email address is visible.

2) If all of the above is done and fine.
You need to login to your domain control panel and get a domain key or domain transfer key or a domain secret key without which the domain cannot be transferred

3) DONOT even think of letting the domain expire and then you will transfer it. It takes over 3 months to delete. If its with net4 or bombaybiz the very next day of domain expiry you will be charges Rs.10,000 for renewal (read that again if you have missed the zeros) while renewal charges should be 500 bucks

4) Pass on the domain key to us and we will fire for a transfer. There is no extra charge for it but 1 year domain renewal is charged along with it so please arrange to pay it first.

Hope the process is now clear to you.

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