How to get relevant back links to my website ?

How to get relevant back links to my website ?

So you are aware that your website needs relevant back links from other sites to get your sites listing higher on search engines.

Even I faced the same crunch when after on-page optimization started scratching my head for off-page optimization. Just was not getting the headway. Just couldn’t start. So read a lot of articles and youtube videos and came to know about a strategy.

Start with what your best competitors do….

So started exploring websites of my competitors and ones I never looked at before to check where they rank and get a pretty good idea on which websites to focus.

next stage was to find from which all places they are getting the 700 off back links while my website has just 16. I purposely didn’t chose the site with 5000 back links because that will be unmanageable.

For that the site is MOZ Open Site Explorer

In the free version you can try 4 queries per day so use it carefully.

I managed to get 6 pages of back links information. Just the URL while the paid one gives the link juice values which is of no use for a site with just 16 back links.

Next I added them in an excel spreed sheet. (the site provides export but I am working on zero budget). Not using the free 30 days trial because I will need that later and don’t want to waste that opportunity.

Next visited each website  which are giving major amount of links (more than 1). It turns many companies put their links at the bottom of their customers and footer links on their sister website so they get the back link but I cannot get in there so knocked them off from the list and focused on third party sites.

So I am left with some relevant URL’s which may accept my site name. Which includes industry articles guest comments, business directories and forums (which turned out to be a huge list)

Now I made of strategy of dividing my work few at a time from each kind.

The biggest challenge is forums which give back links. Once registered have to make genuine comments and only then the webmaster allows me in, So had to tread there carefully. Its exceptionally difficult because have to read other posts and write something intelligent which makes sense.

Same goes to blog comments which people used scrapebox in past but to make the webmaster to keep my comments and not bump it off as spam. I have to write a decent piece of comment which makes sense. “thank you its an informative post” no longer works.

The next step is writing my experiences in my own blogs. the process like this article which explains how I went about getting it done. This article is unique on the internet and with about 700 words makes sense for Google to index it well too.

Directory submission seems simple but need to work on the title and description and non repetitive keyword string for my website URL Learned that linking anchor text to URL’s should be spread across different keywords.

The back link process is the most painstaking one which requires patience and time to read what others have written and then react not my own blah.. blah… blah….

Does it work ? well not initially. For over a month there has been no movement in my site ranking and cannot find my guest comment or even forum profiles but slowly they started appearing sporadically and very slowly.

Hey my website ranking for a required keyword has jumped from 50 to 3 !!!

Just below to the competitors website whom I used for  target analysis and opened up avenues to target for other keywords even they are not focusing on used by another competitor.

So after spending a month on this A competitor will repeat the process for B competitor and the process will go on…

I see my blog post copied by someone and posted on their site

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Somebody has copied my blog post including internal links…Now those internal links become backlinks from other website… please tell me what should I do..

Firstly congratulations that someone sees your contents worth copying so give a pat on your back,

Now find out the following 4 steps before you take any action

  1. Go through the entire site and see what is the intent of this person. If its to facilitate his visitors or down right pushing it as his own.
  2. What is the Domain Authority and Page Authority of that website.
    If its higher then congrats.
    If its same as yous then good,
    If less than yours then worry some
    If dismally lower than 10. Then immediate action.
  3. Does the article have a canonical tag ?
    is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page so the poster tells search engines its duplicate content.
  4. If point 3 is not covered them its time for some serious action.

If none of the above and feel its malafide intent …

a) Just ask them to remove the content and clearly specify that this content is belongs to you… If they don’t comply write to their web hosting company to pull down the contents.

b)If it happen often you can add a copyscape free batch on your blog so that people should think twice while copying your content..

DIY SEO. Take charge of you website.

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Just 1 month on working on our webhosting business website watching YouTube videos, reading free ebooks and implementing small small things. The Google traffic has jumped up by 500%.

Even our new business website has started showing up higher each day on search engine results.

Click through has gone up by modest 16% and conversation by 2%. So now know where to give additional focus.

Do keep coming to this blog to find how I did it with just 1 person me and no experience in SEO with basic knowledge about html. Rather friends with SEO experience ignored call for help even though I was willing to pay.

I will be listing each step to help our customers understand and replicate. From day one my staff has helped me document each step of the process so I don’t miss out while writing articles.

So no paying Rs.15000 per month for a socalled SEO expert and wait for 3 months for results after losing 45000.

If you can dare to get your hands dirty I can teach you how to do SEO for yourself for free. Be ready….

Merry Christmas.


Looking for a Cracked software?

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Don’t waste your time searching for a Cracked or nulled software. The days of year 2000 are long gone.

You might use keywords like download or get or even Warez but what will you get?

All listing are of seo companies. You click on download and you will be driven trough a maze of third party sites back to the official site for  yor to buy the licensed software!!

Even torrents. Either they are banned in your country or garbage files or virus infected 100% of the time.

So after searching for over 1 hour you end up buying the official license and the seo made a handsome commission from you. LOL

All  top softwares have migrated to SaaS model (subscription based) so pirated softwares are 2014 versions not worth the use

If you think you were Lucky to get one after taking a VIP access… Your email id has already been shared to some shady characters.

Don’t use that app you just download!

It surely must be laced with a virus or encrypted backdoor for hackers and your isp may suspend your hosting account.

Why I wrote this article? I found a funny thing…

Arabs fight for blood in the middle east but online still help their comrades who speak their language.

The cracks and nulled scripts on Arabic websites are CLEAN. no virus, no added laced codes, no need for vip access, no need of subscription.

One catch though… You need to know Arabic….

Why should I start a blog for my business ?

Blog is a very important tool for a business to engage with their customers and refresh their brand name.

Why should I start a blog for my Business ?

  1. Blog is simple to manage just login and copy paste text from MS work and on hitting publish its visible on the top of the page. Its that simple.
  2. It servers as a easy to connect platform for your customer to get engaged in timely relevant information from your company. If you leave the comments ON you customers can interact with you.
  3. Your website must already be rigidly designed so no place for adding more contents on a regular basis nor you might not have a web designer in-house. But blog does it effortlessly and in a somewhat informal way.
  4. Search engines love blogs. Google loves WordPress. You start a WordPress blog and in no time google will list it and even rank it. Its because blogs are content centric and rigid websites are graphics centric.
  5. An article stated websites with blogs attract 60% more customers and there is truth to it based on our own experience. The customer sees a friendlier side of the company through the blog so easy for human connect
  6. Blog is the cannon fodder of your online visibility. Good contents will get social bookmarks and in no time will shoot your site higher in  popularity on social media.
  7. Our recommendation is you write not about yourself boasting how well you did the job but write how you were able to solve a clients problem. It helps for prospective clients to connect with the situation and you getting the next order.
  8. Promote yourself as a subject expert. This is different from point 7 because you also need to boasting about yours but tread a thin line between polite and arrogance.
  9. People don’t like boring blogs of companies. Next time there is a birthday party in office don’t just post it on Facebook but also post some pics on your blog. Giving a human side to a business is very important.
  10. Use SkyWeb platform for your clients to interact with you in Public that way you get comments, reviews and feedback in a subtle manner without in your face kind of a thing.
  11. Use it to put across new worthy things in your industry even awards and accolades your company has won or your principle vendors have won to give you blog more authority. Even here awards addition to website are not easy but to a blog its instant.
  12. Writing a blog saves you BIG BUCKS !!!… want to know how ??? you save on paying to a shabby content writer and and SEO export. because you blogging frequently about your business automatically promotes you as a content marketer for your company.
  13. Frequent and meaningful and focused blogging created free PR for your business where people start quoting your blog posts in linkedin and other business linked media networks. It also helps to establish the business owner as a brand. Good bloggers are often called to give lectures on their domain topic often. Great way to promote your business absolutely free.
  14. Stay ahead of the curve. The more you blog the more you will do research on the topic of your business interest and make people follow you from your business to understand current trends and making you a authority on the subject.
  15. Blog is your long term marketing asset. If you write contents which is ever green means relevant even 5 years from now. People will read it 5 years from now and you get new followers each day even if content was written a longtime back. So when you write always remember this important point.
  16. Use Google Analytics to find what people are watching on your blog. You might soon discover a trend which you could further exploit it for your business before your competitors realise it.

First start with checking if the domain name available

Is Shared Hosting a Good Choice for your business startup ?

Is Shared Hosting a Good Choice for your business startup?

Online shopping is replacing traditional shopping very fast so are the traditional brochures which we used to find in trade shows and postal mailers with online websites giving wider reach for their brands at fraction of the costs.

This is better because there is no printing cost and the website can be altered to adapt to the changing business environment which is the previous setup would have to throw away all the obsolete brochures in the dustbin.

Once your decide your business presence to be online you need to take decisions like good domain name and the right web hosting plan and a set of knowledgeable people to do it. Here you can check good domain availability and suggestions.

Already constricted over whelming offers for dedicated servers and VPS and Cloud servers where vendors stress “SME’s all go only for them, so should you”. But then the budget is going off the roof and you don’t want to put in that kind of money at the very start.

A shared hosting plan is something which will fit in your budget which is just Rs. 200 per month.

Ok So whats Shared Hosting ?

Its a server; like a large pizza and every one is enjoying his share based on the size and amount you pay for it without owning or renting the server hardware at a fraction of the VPS server cost.

Technically its a server with resources shared amongst the contributing customers. Each customer has a set of resources allocated to him for webspace, bandwidth and CPU resources while the server is owned and operated by the web hosting company.

So why shared hosting is a good option for a Startup entrepreneur ?or
why one should chose for their online presence when everyone is talking about expensive cloud solutions?

Here are some questions and have tried to answer them one at a time.

1) Highly Cost effective.
While starting a new business or going online the company has limited set of funds allocated and the finance team stresses on ROI ( return on investments) and even after 2 decades still doubt the price being paid for it.
Everyone promoted a Cloud or a VPS but that’s too expensive to start. Plus  server management cost which drives the prices higher up and no visitors initially its wastage of resources

On the contrary a shard hosting server is shared by number of customers so its like OLA shared Cab where instead of Rs. 9/km you pay just 2/km in shared ride.

2)No need of technical expertise.
A startup has to get its product and services rolling. Its high strain on resources initially to hire a server admin and pay him a hefty salary. So shared hosting here is better because the server is managed fully by the web hosting company so any technical help. Open a support ticket and in few hours you have help… its that simple.

3. Easy Management
The resources on a linux shared hosting server are used by multiple users and it doesn’t mean there are many restrictions.

Whether a shared server or a VPS you use the same control panel and most of the things in it are exactly the same !!!

Like a VPS you can manage all the allocated resources like File manager, Auto installers, email accounts, server statistics and security features.

So where does the difference lie ?

Its when there are some very special customised PHP modules required to run an independent complicated service which a shared hosting service provider wouldn’t allow. Or if there are large number of hits and you reach the ceiling of “Fair Use Policy) where your site uses too much resources alone causing issues for other websites on the server.

4. Scalability
This is one of the fantastic benefits of a shared hosting service where you can start very small under Rs.100 per month and upgrade to higher plans upto Rs.700 per month where in switching you get more resources get added like additional domains, additional email accounts, additional web space and additional bandwidth to scale up.
It also gives you the benefit of seamlessly downgrading where you can reduce the resources allocated and save money.

The choice if as shared hosting server depends on your website requirements whether its windows or linux environment and you need to dedicate a smaller portion of your startup budget to it so your marketing plans don’t get pinched and your web hosting plan can grow as your business grows till you decide to move to a Cloud server

How your hosting company can affect your SEO efforts.

How your hosting company can affect your SEO efforts.

Strangely but true your hosting company affects a lot on your rankings. Its not that choosing a premium one can boost your ranking its the other way around. As choosing the wrong one can ruins it… LOL

So think again of the cheap hosting companies offering you cheap deals or even free hosting.

Now let me explain how.

  1. Google algorithm keeps changing and there is a multi million dollar business in guessing whats coming next. So all parameters are vital even ones previously not heard about. So don’t take thinks lightly.
  2. Good neighbourhood. If your IP is the same as some gambling sites or adult entertainment sites or fraud make rich quick sites then your ranking gets affected.
  3. Good ratio of sites : A shared hosting server can host thousands of websites but companies which overload them by hosting unlimited packages where few customers gobble up all the bandwidth and rest keep gasping for Air is a bad idea. You can check the site performance by pinging your domain name to find latency. Google crawler hates overloaded servers.
  4. Fast loading websites. Does your hosting company offer cloud-flare and page accelerator applications. If not switch over.
  5. Server security : With cheap hosting comes cheaper server admins. If your site gets affected by malware or hacking your ranking can tumble down. So it pays to pay more for a premium service.
  6. Multiple affected sites on the same server. Is when the server admin is not able to handle the load or doesn’t have the caliber to manage his work in which case IP address of server gets blacklisted and even if your site is not affected you get penalised.

I am not drawing a conclusion like many others that you need to buy a dedicated or a VPS server. Its about 200 times more expensive and that’s what most hosting companies want to sell to you.

A shared hosting company is still good but don’t got for the cheapest one and easily can find their track record.

How to earn income from website traffic to blog ?

How to earn income from website traffic to blog ?

Hope you have read the previous article 5 things you need to do before you generate income from your website or blog

Now lets assume few things… you are getting steady flow of visitors to your website / blog and reading things. Now you want to monitise that and make money by selling things to them. BUT WHAT ARE THEY COMING FOR ?

This depends on what you write about !!!

If you write about pet events then its a temporary traffic which will dwindle away. If you write a blog on some every green topic which people keep searching over and over again. Even an article of how to change a diaper is an important one… Seriously….

So let assume you write on say insurance, investments, travel log, your opinion on current affairs. These are some of the sought after topics for which advertises pay a good amount.

So coming back to point suppose you have a sizeable traffic flow and now need to monitize it.

Here are few options.

1) Google Adsense : You need to sign-in here with your google account and apply. There will be a review of your website by a person and then authorized to accept advertisements.

There had been cases where teams of people in office used to visit a particular website and keep clicking on links to earn from their own site. LOL they were caught and their accounts FROZEN and all they earned even from their legitimate sites was fore-fitted. So don’t attempt it.

This is an Indian company which lets you places advertisements  of eCommerce companies on your blog / website in form of banners. They also have a clue words program where your keywords in your articles get monitized . But here again you need to have a theme like shopping with latest trends and deals to get the ball rolling. There are websites which make Rs.45000 a month just on cuelink network. So take them seriously. Again a smart company. Don’t try to cheat them.

5 things you need to do before you generate income from your website or blog

5 things you need to do before you generate income from your website or blog.

You must have started to write your own blog or website to write about your hobby or passion for some thing ot simply for money. Hey that’s fine if you are doing it only for money till you don’t cross the line and start copying material from other websites and pasting on yours without permission.

  1. Find a niche and write it. Some people just write about anything on their mind, politics, society or even places they have visited and also business related in the same blog. As long as you have bifurcated them in categories its perfect.
  2. Don’t run after money. They money will follow you. Write some interesting stuff which people would live to write.. not the cat videos… and keep writing. It takes time for a blog or website to be discovered and 3 months for google to index and rank it so have patience.
  3. Keep writing and writing and occasionally post the links on social media like whats app group, Facebook or twitter. If you are not a famous personality keep 1:4 ration. Which is promote your every 4th article and keep navigation of blog simple so people can ready your other articles too.
  4. Don’t copy contents. like this topic name I found it useful for my blog but instead of a ditto one changed it to suite my need and article I have written is way different than originally posted on another website. There are online service available which scan the internet and if you have copied some ones else’s material you will get a legal notice or worse your hosting company will get a legal notice to pull down your website. Getting inspiration is fine but cut paste is a No NO.
  5. Keep your articles in the range of 250 – 1500 words. When you write a post in WordPress it will tell you the word count at the bottoms in a page. Use it. its no hard fast rule but content has to be good and non representative. Google machine learning can easily find it.

10 things you should do if switching to a new domain name

10 things you should do if switching to a new domain name

There were days when only .com .net and .org were available. And really good names available with exact match or the next best one because if low internet penetration and prices being very high approx US$80 for a year.

.com was a norm if .org was bought it was considered of an NGO and not a business and it grew to the pint 250+ characters domain name were allowed… hey great for SEO work where a long tail keyword set could be woven in a single domain name giving it relevance. But over time search engines realized it was more misused and user experience had depreciated because of these domain coming up on top with just doorway pages and no real content.

With the opening up of Gtld’s which were geographic in nature like .in,,. .us and now each country on the globe has one followed by recent introduction of niche domain names the list is long and ever growing.

A company who earlier had a compromised long domain name now can get an exact match which is better for their brands.

As part of search engine ranking algorithm domain name age is also a crucial factor in ranking. The Link Juice which is essentially good high quality back links are associated with the old domain name.

The worry of the webmaster is Will I lose all the credibility I got for the old site over years when switching to the new domain name ?

  1. Check domain history of the new domain name.
    chances are it might be a new but always good to check WHOIS and waybachmachine to check any history of spamming and blocking by google.
  2. Take full backup of your website so in an event of files not transferred you don’t lose critical data. In Cpanel there is an option for full backup which you can download and keep on a remote computer to access even if old hosting account is deleted.
  3. Don’t delete the old site if you can. Even if the old site is not working you can keep it on the net accessible via a hosts file in your windows computer c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc file name is “hosts” you just have to make an entry of the domain name with its IP address and without any one accessing it you can access the site from your computer.
  4. CMS applications have plugins to help in migration but if site is custom built especially with MSSQL its not an easy thing to move the db from 1 server to another on the fly so do use a web developer’s help in the migration process.
  5. prepare an excel sheet with 2 columns. Old URL’s and new URL’s just in case of a problem. But most of the time a 301 redirect script code snippet can do the job for the entire site. Chances are you might need to change page names of some files so for that this excel sheet will be of major value. So its a bit time consuming but for a 50 pages site its a must.
  6. Create the 301 redirect with the above table so you don’t miss out on any URL There are many software tools available which you can pass your old URL’s in a batch file to find if anyone is missing. a 404 error is bad for a site and link juice flow.
  7. Domain use meta refresh tag for redirecting pages on old site. Looks simple but it blocks the link juice transfer only use the 301 redirect.
  8. Using the excel sheet pass it trough an XML sitemap builder to get a list with new URL mentioned in it. That way submission to Google Search Console would be easier.
  9. Update your Google local business listing with the new domain URL in it.
  10. Login to bling webmaster tools and submit your new URL. For Google and Bling (even yahoo uses bling) you will need to authenticate the domain name by adding a Meta tag or by adding a DNS entry with the tag.